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Sodium Lactate /
Sodium Diacetate

Sodium Lactate /
Sodium Diacetate

Sodium Lactate /
Sodium Diacetate







Wilke International's DL-Lactic Acid is a synthetically produced, highly uniform, non-volatile acid that maintains its acid strength in applications over long storage periods.  It is free of the contaminants normally found in lactic acid from other sources and, thus, exhibits excellent heat stability and a complete lack of color. DL-Lactic acid is essentially odorless and has a mild, fruity, flavor that neither masks nor overpowers other flavor constituents.  The 88% USP/FCC grade meets or exceeds the specifications of the United States Pharmacopeia and the Food Chemicals Codex for lactic acid.



Total Acidity

88% to 90%

Specific Rotation, racemic

-0.05 to +0.05

Specific Gravity  (20/20)

1.20 ~ 1.22

Clarity of Solution (Mix 12 ml   ether with 10 ml lactic acid)


Chloride (as Cl)

Passes USP Test

Sulfate (as SO4 )

Passes USP Test

Heavy Metals (as Pb)

0.001% Maximum


Passes USP & FCC Test

Citric, Oxalic, Phosphoric or Tartaric Acid

Passes USP & FCC Test

Residue on Ignition (Ash)

0.05% Maximum

Readily Carbonizable Substances

Passes USP Test

Arsenic (as is)

0.0003% Maximum

Iron (as Fe)

0.001% Maximum



The FDA has declared Lactic Acid GRAS (21 CFR 184.1061). Synthetic DL-Lactic Acid is the product of choice for use in the manufacture of lactic acid based derivatives where heat and color stability is critical. As one of the major alpha hydroxy acids, synthetic Lactic Acid and its salts are finding increasing use in cosmetic skin care applications. Lactic Acid is used as an acidulant to control pH and as a humectant in a number of textile, paper, tobacco curing, laundry products, drilling muds, metal finishing, paints, and other industrial applications.



507 lb (230 kg) net weight drums



Store unopened in its original container at ambient temperature



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