Wilke Resources Contact Information:


Wilke Resources Inc.

14321 W. 96th Terrace

Lenexa, KS 66215

Toll Free Phone:  (800) 779-5545


For information on products and their applications, please contact for following:


1.  Chauncey Dixon  (Ext. 119)

     E-mail:  ccd@wilkeresources.com

2.  Craig Reisiing  (Ext. 114)

     E-mail:  creising@wilkeinternational.com

3.  Donovan Smith (Ext. 113)

     E-mail:  dsmith@wilkeinternational.com


Bulk Supplements

1. Jim Maguire, Western Reg. Sales Mgr. (Ext 121)

    E-mail:  jmaguire@wilkeresources.com

2. Doug Lenhart, Eastern Reg. Sales Mgr.(Ext 122)

    E-mail:  dlenhart@wilkeresources.com

3. Chris Young, Sales Coordinator (Ext. 107)

    E-mail: cyoung@wilkeresources.com

4. Jim France, General Mgr. (Ext 120)

    E-mail:  jrf@wilkeresources.com



To place an order or get information regarding an existing order, please contact:


1.  Heather White (Ext. 115) E-mail:  hroy@wilkeinternational.com

2.  Eva Robinson (Ext. 124)  E-mail:  erobinson@wilkeinternational.com

3.  Chris Young (Ext. 107)  E-mail:  cyoung@wilkeresources.com  (Supplements Only)

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